Why You Should Choose a Home Watch Company

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Every homeowner wants their property to be safe and secure. When you have to be away from your primary or second home, you may ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your property, but a far more effective solution is to hire a home watch company.

What’s the Difference?

The main difference between a home watch company and your neighbor is that, unlike your neighbor, the company is dedicated to providing professional, in-person protection of your home from various threats.

What Kind of Protection Can Home Watch Services Offer?

Home watch services can protect your home from the inside out. The best companies will personally visit your property and accomplish the following:

  • Identify any signs of vandalism, burglary, or forced entry.
  • Check your home and other property for mold and water damage, especially before and after storms.
  • Monitor temperature and humidity levels.
  • Check for signs of infestation or damage from pests.
  • Provide key-in services for contractors and repairmen.
  • Monitor renovations and manage contractors.
  • Run faucets and appliances and check for proper operation.
  • Run watercraft for proper operation.
  • Check watercraft for damage to protective coverings.

The Benefits of Choosing Home Watch Services from The Concierge Home Watch Management

There are many reasons to have a professional home watch company like The Concierge keep an eye on your property. Here’s why we offer the most benefit to Florida homeowners:

Training and Experience

All of the individuals working for The Concierge have received comprehensive training to spot damage, improper operation, infestation, or malfunction. As well, each professional has hours of field experience with the monitoring of client homes.


Once trained, each Concierge home watch professional receives official certification. In order to earn this certification, professionals must be able to demonstrate the skills they’ve acquired in class and during field training.

Insurance and Bonding

In addition to training and certification, our clients are protected from risk via bonding and insurance. Together, they assure our clients that all employees of The Concierge national home watch service will maintain the utmost respect for your home and for themselves when conducting any home watch inspection at your premises.

Proven Reporting

E-mail or texting can both be very effective means of communication between a home watch business and the homeowner. But The Concierge goes beyond email and text to offer clients GPS reporting.

A unique QR code is generated for each client, which is only able to be activated once a Concierge employee arrives at your property. Our GPS software notifies you immediately with arrival and completion of the 30-point inspection of your home. This feature allows you to know, without a doubt, that your property has been thoroughly monitored.

It also ensures detailed and confirmable information for your insurance company. We are proud to be the first company in the area to offer this level of security to our clients.

The Concierge Helps Homeowners Leave with Confidence

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When you leave your first or second home, you want to know that you can focus on your vacation, family, and life without having to worry about your investment. The Concierge lets you leave home with confidence, whether it’s for the weekend or for the season.

All areas of your home are thoroughly monitored to ensure that everything is exactly how you left it. When you need property management and home watch services in Florida, work with a leader in the home watch industry; call The Concierge Home Watch Management today: 941-348-1359.